Small Art Prints - 10.5x12.5

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California based GreenBox Art aims to link today's working artists with people seeking unique expressions for their home.  They create a variety of versatile wall art and home goods, all of which are printed in the USA.  We focus on inspiring quotes and/or images that evoke our Sonoma County lifestyle.

Small Art Prints (10.5"x12.5") are printed on archival paper.

Spring Whitaker - Spring Whitaker is a self-taught artist who grew up on the beaches of New Jersey and in the deserts of southern California. She uses vivid colors and flower crowns to create personality filled animal portraits.

Katy Daisy - Katie Daisy takes her inspiration from childhood summers spent in Northern Illinois farm country. With a wildflower-toned palette, Katie paints directly from the heart. Her pieces inspire self-discovery and liberation and have struck a chord with thousands of admirers around the world.

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